Neighborhood Trusts

Season 4, Episode 8

In episode 8, we learn about a new economic development tool called a neighborhood trust. Joined by Adriana Abizadeh, Executive Director of the Kensington Corridor Trust in Philadelphia, and Joe Margulies, Professor of Law and Government at Cornell University, we explore the theory behind neighborhood trusts and the work underway in Philadelphia to set up one of the country’s first community-controlled neighborhood trusts. With co-hosts Brandon Jones and Christina Bovey.

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Photo credit: Luis Acosta Studio © 2020

  1. Kensington Corridor Trust’s website here
  2. Joe Margulies’s faculty website here
  3. Joe Margulies’s 2019 article, “Communities Need Neighborhood Trusts” and follow up article, “In Defense of Neighborhood Trusts”
  4. Joe Margulies’s 2021 book, Thanks for Everything (Now Get Out): Can We Restore Neighborhoods without Destroying Them?
  5. Other examples of neighborhood trusts in action include Kansas’s MINT model and the Austin Cultural Trust
  6. For an overview of the neighborhood trust model, including specifics about the Kensington Corridor Trust and Austin Cultural Trust, see  
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