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Pictures scattered on banner supplied by subset of Season 2 CitySCOPE podcast guests (in order of picture): Mapping Prejudice, Integrate NYC, and Urbane Development.

Home page banner and IEDL at Yale SOM square graphic-Map, Connecticut, New Haven, Yale University, Vintage Print, 1928, Drawn by Carina Easlesfield Mortimer Milligan (b.1890)-Architect. Published by Edward P. Judd Co., New Haven, Connecticut.  Copyright 1928.  Digital image received from George Glazer Gallery, NY, NY.

IEDL Series-Spring 2019 Series graphic-Map, Connecticut, New Map of New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven and Hamden. The Price and Lee Co. Publishers. Prepared by the Division of Research and Statistics with the cooperation of the Appraisal Department, Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, Copyright 1937.

Podcast album cover art designed by Kate Cooney using the following content from Getty Images: 1) Binoculars, periscope, vision vector line icon, sign, illustration by Vijay Patel; and 2) Citysape-city-landscape-buildings-panorama-simple-modern-cartoon-vector-id1148660014.

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Special thanks to Nicholas Appleby, Yale Printing and Publishing Services