CitySCOPE Podcast

Season 2 Podcast Guests

Barbara Biasi
Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale School of Management

Barbara Biasi’s research is in the areas of labor economics and applied microeconomics, with a focus on education and creativity. 

Sarah Medina Camiscoli
Founder and Co-Chair, IntegrateNYC

Sarah is a 3L student at Yale School of Law, and instructor in Yale College Education Studies Program. 

Prabal Chakrabarti
Executive Vice President & Community Affairs Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Prabal Chakrabarti is an Executive Vice-President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in the Regional and Community Outreach department, with a mission to improve the economic well-being of low and moderate income people. 

Kirsten Delegard
Project Director, Mapping Prejudice Project

Kirsten Delegard is one of the co-founders of the Mapping Prejudice Project. A third-generation Minneapolitan, she trained originally as a women’s historian and explored the history of women and politics in her early research.

David Dodson
Senior Fellow, MDC Inc.

David is MDC’s past president and co-creator with Joan Lipsitz of MDC’s Passing Gear Philanthropy practice, which focuses philanthropic investments on the upstream causes of social disparities. 

Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
Geospatial Technology Lead, John R. Borchert Map Library

Kevin Ehrman-Solberg is one of the co-founders of the Mapping Prejudice Project and is currently serving as the project’s geospatial lead. 

Eric Gordon
Executive Director, Principal Investigator, Professor

Eric Gordon is a visiting professor in the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT. He is also a professor at Emerson College and the director of the Engagement Lab

James Johnson-Piett
Principal and CEO, Urbane Development

James is an evangelist for a new kind of community development that emphasizes community anchor businesses and institutions as agents of change. As CEO of Urbane Development, a venture focused on building generational community wealth, James is an expert in neighborhood scale development and the revitalization of urban commercial and retail assets. 

Elihu Rubin
Associate Professor, Yale School of Architecture

Elihu Rubin is Associate Professor of Urbanism at the Yale School of Architecture with a secondary appointment in Yale’s Department of American Studies.  

Jerry Rubin
President and CEO, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)

Jerry Rubin is President and Chief Executive Officer of JVS. He is responsible for the overall direction and management of the organization, and leads its Leadership Team.

David N. Schleicher
Professor, Yale Law School

Professor Schleicher is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School and is an expert in election law, land use, local government law, federalism, state and local finance, municipal bankruptcy, and urban development. His work has been published widely in academic journals, including the Yale Law Journal and the University of Chicago Law Review, as well as in popular outlets like The Atlantic and Slate.

Robert J. Shiller
Professor, Yale School of Management

Robert J. Shiller is Sterling Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University, and Professor of Finance and Fellow at the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management. 

Anika Singh Lemar
Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Anika Singh Lemar is a Clinical Associate Professor at Yale Law School. She teaches the Community and Economic Development clinic (CED), which provides transactional legal services to organizations seeking to advance economic opportunity. CED’s clients include affordable housing developers, community development financial institutions, farms and farmer’s markets, fair housing advocates, and neighborhood associations.