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Spring 2020 CitySCOPE podcast hosts

Season 2 Podcast Hosts

Students of the Spring 2020 IEDL Rethinking Community Engagement: The Role of Narratives in Inclusive Economic Development- Uzma Amin, Marisa Berry, Arianna Blanco, Joy Chen, Norbert Cichon, Brice Eidson, Charles Gress, Stephen Henriques, Evan Oleson, Tessa Ruben, Naomi Shachter, Alexandra Sing, and Allen Xu.  As part of their work at the IEDL, students researched their episode topic areas, conducted interviews in the New Haven region for background, drafted and performed the narrative scripts for the podcast as well as preparing for and participating in the interviews.  The irony of starting a class dedicated to the theme of community engagement during the first wave quarantine of the  Covid-19 pandemic was not lost on us.  This cohort of students brought warmth, ethusiasm, and intellectual interest in this topic as well as an obvious delight in the opportunity to engage with our podcast guests.  One day, I hope to be in the same room with the Spring 2020 IEDL students, but for now I will settle for commending them on taking a challenging class at a difficult time and bringing so much of themselves to meet the moment.

Spring 2019 CitySCOPE podcast hosts

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Students of the IEDL Opportunity Zones in New Haven Lab: Paul Bashir, Dan Bitner, Nina Croock, Liam Grace-Flood, Sara Harari, Lauren Harper, Song Kim, Camilo Monge, Christian Rodriguez, Phil Ross, and Allie Yee all wrote and performed the narrative scripts for the podcast as well as researching and conducting the interviews.  Their flexibility, hard work and passion (and in at least one case, a serious knack for podcast script writing) for this project is recognized and appreciated!