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Spring 2019 CitySCOPE podcast hosts

Students of the IEDL Opportunity Zones in New Haven Lab: Paul Bashir, Dan Bitner, Nina Croock, Liam Grace-Flood, Sara Harari, Lauren Harper, Song Kim, Camilo Monge, Christian Rodriguez, Phil Ross, and Allie Yee all wrote and performed the narrative scripts for the podcast as well as researching and conducting the interviews.  Their flexibility, hard work and passion (and in at least one case, a serious knack for podcast script writing) for this project is recognized and appreciated!

Kate Cooney
Senior Lecturer, Yale School of Management

Kate Cooney, Phd, MSW, received her graduate degrees from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.  She grew up in Washington DC in the 1970s and 1980s.  The stark economic differences between neighborhoods in the DC of that era inspired a deep interest and curiousity about cities, inequality, racial injustice and American history as it pertains to current urban landscapes.   She created and conceived of the Inclusive Economic Development Lab course at the Yale School of Management and the CitySCOPE podcast. Please reach out if you have an idea for a future lab topic or for more conversation on Season 1.