Voices of the Entrepreneurs

Season 3, Episode 15

In our final episode for Season 3 of the CitySCOPE podcast, we have a bonus episode produced in collaboration with James Johnson-Piett and Maggie Clark from Urbane, featuring interviews from Urbane’s work on the Philadelphia Equitable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy report, completed in May 2021.  Over the course of this season, we spoke with researchers, historians, practitioners, and city builders about efforts to support and scale Black-owned and Black-led businesses.  In this bonus episode, we hear 10 BIPOC entrepreneurs in Philadelphia share about their entrepreneurial journeys and their views on how cities can create more equitable pathways to support thriving, diverse business founders move their businesses to the next level.  Take a listen!


1. Photo of Rasheed “Rafik” Abdellah, from Indie-Life; photographer Abdullah Elias from Urbane

2. Urbane

3. Philadelphia Equitable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy, May 2021

4. Entrepreneur interviews include:

Dana Maddox and Dominyque Davis, 12th Glow (facebook)

Blane F. Stoddart, BFW Construction Project Managers (website)

Rasheed “Rafik” Abdellah, Indie-Life (please note the hyphen and uppercase “L”). Alt: Indie-Life Events & Media (website)

Patricia Claybrook, Jidan Cleaning (website)

Chris Paul, Lakay PHL (website)

Charlene Rawlinson, Lene’s Daily Child Care, Inc. (website)

Danae’ Burns, Marq B Hair (website)

Leslie Smallwood-Lewis, Mosaic Development Partners (website)

Melody Wright, SAY/DO Strategies (website)

Jason Ray, Zenith Wealth Partners (website)

5. For more information about the entrepreneur interviews sampled for this episode, and many more entrepreneur interviews, see the landing page for the full project at Built by Philly.org  (website)