Reflections for New Haven

Season 2, Episode 8

Join us for episode 8 as hosts Alexandra Sing, Marisa Berry and Kate Cooney wrap up Season 2 of the CitySCOPE podcast rethinking community engagement and the role of narratives in inclusive economic development. In this episode, we reflect on how the lessons learned from other cities might apply in New Haven, the city where we live! 

We begin by sharing the student research in New Haven and hear from our Inclusive Economic Development Lab SOM summer intern, Bryan Fike, who extended the empirical work done by the students in the Spring Lab.  Inspired by  regional models for education such as the merger of Louisville, Kentucky with surrounding Jefferson County, our first set of calculations examine how New Haven Public School funding could shift under a simple financial equalization model that pools education funding regionally.  In the second set of calculations, following the Louisville, Kentucky example, we built a model for redrawing educational district lines at a regional level to increase racial and economic integration for high school students in the South Central Connecticut region.  Of note in the integration simulation, is that even in a very segregated metropolitan region, the district lines would not have to change much to achieve a more integrated experience for our public school students. In the arena of housing, taking the New Haven City’s Affordable Housing Task Force estimate that 25,000 units of affordable housing are needed to meet regional demand, we sketched out a pathway to 25,000 additional housing units using a mix of the housing policies discussed on the podcast. Finally, inspired by the work of Jerry Rubin at JVS, David Dodson, at MDC, and James Johnson-Piett at Urbane Development, we prepared a preliminary set of workforce intermediary maps in select fields to be built upon by regional actors in the workforce development space. This series of reports is offered as an initial exploration rather than a definitive proscription for action. (see links in the show notes below)

We finish with some final thoughts from our interviews with the Season 2 guests. 

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Thanks for taking the journey with us this season! We’ll be back Spring 2021 to explore a new theme and share what we learn on CitySCOPE Season 3.

See you then!


1. Storytellers New Haven link here

2. IEDL Spring 2020 Report: Modeling Regional Approaches to Education

3. IEDL Spring 2020 Report: Regional Housing Calculations-Getting to 25,000 Units

4. IEDL Spring 2020 Report: Building a Regional Workforce Development System