Inclusive Economic Development Lab


The Inclusive Economic Development Lab at the Yale School of Management is a 7-week practicum course held Spring semester developed and taught by Professor Kate Cooney.  Each year we explore a new topic, talk with people around the country working on the issue, develop a related New Haven focused project and produce a podcast to share our learnings with New Haven stakeholders, fellow students and alumni, and practitioners in the field nationally.  In our Spring 2019 inaugural IEDL, we examined Opportunity Zones.  In Spring 2020, we will explore a new topic.  At the end of each session, we plan to showcase our New Haven facing deliverable here and share our broader learnings on the CitySCOPE podcast.  Click below for information on the Spring 2019 IEDL on Opportunity Zones.

IEDL Series

Spring 2020

Lab Topic Spring 2020

Spring 2019

Lab Topic Spring 2019