Gregory Reaves

Principal, Managing Member, Mosaic Development Partners

Gregory Reaves has spent more than 30 years working at all levels in corporate and private industries. He graduated from Howard University, Washington, DC, with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  He also played division I soccer in college and two years as a semi-professional player. As a business professional, Greg has acquired significant expertise in healthcare, commercial real estate development, government relations, domestic and international public relations and entrepreneurship, rising to executive levels of leadership in each industry.  Greg and a partner started Mosaic Development Partners, in July 2008. Together they are owners in residential, commercial and retail real estate totaling more than $65 million is construction financing. Greg continues to offer strategic consulting services to small businesses and executives on company positioning, strategic hiring, marketing and public relations. He is trained as a Fasttrac facilitator, which provides specific training to entrepreneurs and worked with more than 200 businesses in New York, Philadelphia and Delaware.  Greg is married and has three children.