Envisioning the Future City

Season 2, Episode 7

In the U.S. political economy, some economic regions grow and gain in prosperity in sustained ways while other cities’ fortunes rise and fall over time.  How do cities come together to shape these trajectories? In this week’s episode, our co-hosts Evan Oleson and Stephen Henriques speak with Prabal Chakrabarti from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston about the lessons learned from the Working Cities Challenge  aimed at  supporting catalytic cross-sector initiatives to reimagine economic paths forward in smaller, post-industrial cities. We also speak with James Johnson-Piett from Urbane Development about his work on the Sunnyside Yard Master Plan where multiple communities came together to envision the way a major public development project could support future visions of the city.  James shares how this envisioning process can also be used at the neighborhood level, using an example from Philadelphia to illuminate different development pathways for a neighborhood as it evolves alongside broader strategic initiatives at the city level.  

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1. Learn more about the Working Cities Challenge at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston here

2.  Urbane Development website

3. Sunnyside Yard Master Plan here

4. Links to economist Mariana Mazzucato’s work here

5. Photo credit: Urbane Development