Community Land Trusts, Gentrification and the OZ

Season 1, Episode 3

In Episode 3: Community Land Trusts, Gentrification and the OZ, Dan Bitner, MBA speaks with Julius Kimbrough from the Crescent City Community Land Trust in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Val Orseli from Cooper Square Community Land Trust in NYC’s Lower East Side.  In this episode, we explore gentrification pressures and how CLTs can act as a bulwark for affordability in rapidly changing neighborhoods.  Dan Bitner leads listeners through the basics of how CLTs operate and learns about innovations on the CLT model from our guests. These innovations include: the scattered site CLT in the Lower East Side which now encompasses over 20 buildings, and the use of predial servitude and deed restrictions in mixed income, mixed use buildings such as the newly restored Pythian building in New Orleans.  We end by asking our guests for their insights into the current opportunities and challenges for the CLT model. Join us and listen in!


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2. See pp.31-32 for mini case study on self liquidating equity for investing in cooperatives (Dan mentions this kind of arrangement in his final set of reflections), from Innovations in Financing Structures for Impact Enterprises report from the Multilateral Investment Fund with support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

3. For more information on CLTs: Schumacher Center for a new economics here and Grounded Solutions Network here

4. Crescent City Community Land Trust

5. For more of the Pythian story, The Triumphant Return of the Pythian, by Danielle Del Sol, April 2017, Preservation in Print:

6. Cooper Square MHA

*Photo of Val Orseli from Cooper Square CLT, courtesy of Val Orseli

Episode Transcript: 

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