Affordable Housing and the OZ Policy

Season 1, Episode 2

In Episode 2: Affordable Housing and the OZ policy, Lauren Harper, MBA candidate and Christian Rodriguez, MBA examine the roots of the affordable housing crisis in the United States and explore the challenges and opportunities for addressing it with CitySCOPE podcast guests: Karen Dubois Walton, President of Elm City Communities in New Haven and Brandon Weiss, Visiting Professor at Yale Law School.  We ask our guests their perspectives on the potential of the OZ policy for addressing the need for affordable housing. Topics covered include: the history of public housing and redlining, current regional dynamics inherited from redlining era, key issues of how to boost supply of affordable housing and where to build it, current trends in providing affordable housing such as mixed income, mixed-use models, inclusionary zoning, community land trusts and rent control.  Take a listen!


1. The New Haven Affordable Housing Task Force report can be found here

2. The Los Angeles Affordable Housing Linkage Fee Nexus study by bae urban economics, click here

3. For more discussion and perspective on affordable housing and land use, listen to The Weeds podcast, titled “America’s two housing crises”, published May 17, 2019 here

4. Elm City Communities, New Haven

*Photo of Monterey Place Apartments, courtesy of New Haven Housing Authority (Elm City Communities)

Episode Transcript: 

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